“We liked the product so much,
we bought the company!”


Motorcycle Service Centre, conveniently located at 541 Harrow Road London W10 4RH has built a reputation with bikers and scooter riders for service, expertise, integrity and a friendly touch for over 35 years.

In 2016 the previous owners decided it was time for them to retire and they offered Robbie Le Roux and Jamie Macdonald the opportunity to take over the company. They knew their shop and their customers would be in good hands.

Robbie had previously worked there for some 10 years, most recently as chief technician and Jamie had entrusted his varied collection of bikes and scooters to Robbie and his predecessors for even longer. It was a deal made in motorcycle heaven for all concerned! For those that know him, Robbie is an exceptional technician on anything two-wheeled. He just knows what is wrong and can solve the problem.

Hand picked technicians Dave, Michal and Remone (Robbie’s twin brother) have rounded out the team. Harry, the son of the previous owner, has also joined the crew on the admin side, aided by Janiel, Robbie’s wife – a family affair, all round.

Motorcycle Service Centre provides a really comprehensive service for both motorcycles and scooters: MOTs while you wait, the annual service, general repairs, tyre fitting, punctures and brakes, even complete rebuilds. Try us!

Robbie and his team are not only very very good technicians but also very good at listening and explaining in a non-technical manner the problems and the solutions. Bet’cha they can fix it! Come to see us, we will surprise you.


If there is something you want that isn’t listed here, please get in touch either by phone or by email
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